Odin hanging in Yggdrasill (3rd Edition)

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This is Odin's discovery of the runes and his neverending knowledge. The norse allfather Odin watched the Norns from his seat in Asgard and envied their power and wisdom. And he bent his will toward the task of coming to know everything and also the runes. The runes’ native home is in the Well of Urd with the Norns, and the runes do not reveal themselves to any but those who prove themselves worthy of such fearful insights and abilities. So Odin hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasill, pierced himself with his spear, and stared downward into the deep and dark waters below. He forbade any of the other gods to help him or give him the slightest aid – not even a sip of water. And he stared downward, and stared downward, and called to the runes. After 9 days he got everything he asked for …

  • Size: 29,7cm x 42cm (DIN A3)
  • Paper: Brown, rough natural paper 230g/m² 
  • Printing colour: Black
  • signed Artwork