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Mushroom Ódinn Amulet

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Solid bronze amulet of the Sacred Mushroom Odin. This first Edition will be limited to only 10 items.

For me the spirit of the mushrooms and the wise and all-known spirit of Odin are closely related. All the universal knowledge can be found in nature, in the plants, in the mushrooms - everything. This is the mother earth and the universal knowledge to which we are all connected or should be connected to.

The mushroom Odin builds a bridge to this knowledge and will help to show the way of your purpose, guides you and protects you. As Odin is the highest of all norse gods, it‘s the most powerful connection to your higher-self.

I found some connection between the Fly Agaric and Odin in the “Wild Hunt,” which was recorded in folklore all throughout ancient, medieval, and even early modern Europe, but was especially concentrated in the Germanic lands of northern Europe. In Scandinavia, it was called Oskoreia, “Terrifying Ride,” [2] or Odensjakt, „Odin’s Hunt.”[3] In Middle High German, it was called Wuotanes Her, “Odin’s Army,” and in modern German Wütende Heer, “Furious/Inspired Army,” or Wilde Jagd, “Wild Hunt.”[4]


  • Material: Solid bronze
  • Weight: 45g
  • Height: 40mm (incl. eyelet on the top)
  • Width: 20mm
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Including Leather strap and linen-pouch. 
  • Limited to only 10 items incl. handnumbered certificate!


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