Knowledge of the Mushrooms (2nd Edition)

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This Nordic Mushroom Dragon is a symbol for the universal knowledge, the wisdom and the connection between us all and everything. It depicts a complex woven reality, where the knowledge is present all the time. You just need to find the way to get it – To find your own purpose in the reality and dimension you life in right now.

Regarding to the nordicspirit It contains the third Ætt of the elder Futhark, the Tiwaz or Tyr's Ætt, where it's final Rune ’Othala‘, which is also connected to Odin, is incorporated to the biggest mushroom as a symbol for the universal knowledge. It's a symbol for the final stage and a kind of Enlightenment, which lies in the knowledge and wisdom of the Mushrooms.

The Tyr's Ætt stands for the mankind, for a social being, the inner-growth or also the Evolution. All these natural Aspects are in constant motion and on some point there will be always Ragnarök – Death and Rebirth - This is the cycle of life.


  • Size: 29,7cm x 42cm (DIN A3)
  • Paper: Brown, rough natural paper 230g/m² 
  • Printing colour: Black
  • signed Artwork