Raffle 2021

Ancientskin Tattoo

Win a full day of tattooing

Dear lovely people,
we are not allowed to work anymore, nobody knows how long and when we can start again. I want to offer you something special and this is also to support me and to keep me doing my work. This is a raffle to win a whole day of tattooing (worth: 800€) ONLY in my Studio (Germany, 73102 Birenbach) and two further prizes you will find below. It is up to you how you want to use this whole day. Starting a bigger project or get a piece of your choice done on one day. We will figure this out together and what works for you the best. 



1st Prize:
A whole day of tattooing

2nd Prize:
A personalized Bindrune-Tattoo (max. around 10cm)

3rd Prize:
A print of your choice (incl. shipping)



Step 1

To take part at the raffle, you buy one ticket for 30€. You can also buy several tickets, if you want to, just multiply the amount as much as you want (1 ticket: 30€, 2 tickets: 60€ etc.). You just need to transfer the amount of your choice via paypal (ritual@ancientskin.com – friends & family) or via bank-transfer.

Step 2

Once you have paid, I will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible with your raffle number(s). 


Step 3

You need to be patient, until the raffle ends on Sunday 25th April 2021 at 8:00 pm CEST. I will choose the winner-numbers on this day and you will see, if and what you won with your ticket(s) ;-)


Please use the following subject for the money transfer: RAFFLE: ‚your name’

 Paypal: ritual@ancientksin.com
(Please send it as 'friends & family')

Account-holder: Lukas Wezel
IBAN: DE22 2004 1111 0606 4356 00
Bank: comdirect

Important: If you did the bank-transfer, please send a mail to: ritual@ancientskin.com so I can send you your personal Raffle-number(s)

Please keep in mind: Once you took part at the game and you paid, I can not refund the money of your contribution. The Raffle is open world-wide. but please be aware that you are responsible for the traveling costs. They are not included for the raffle. Instagram is not associated in any way to this raffle.


If you have any questions, just let me know. You can send me a dm on IG or use the form below. 

And now: Good luck, thank you for your support and mush love,