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The Kwapa (Cocopah) along the lower Colorado River basin are among the many Native American groups in the American Southwest and Mexico who once tattooed using thorns and spines from cacti and other native plant species. Those traditions were mostly suppressed and extinguished by the early 20th century as a result of Colonial and Christian influences.These mesquite spines were used by the Kwapa for tattooing around 1885, when they were collected for the Smithsonian. They would be tied in a bundle of 2 or 3 spines, and after the skin was pricked charcoal would be rubbed on the wounds. Kwapa...

Read more We are all in these strange times. But it’s time to calm and slow down and focus on your inner-self. Nature helps me so much to reconnect with the higher self. There is nothing which can really catch us. All the fear and inciting panic is human made. This is just energy, which pulls you down, blocks and paralyses you. Try to break free from these snatching thoughts and energies to be truly free! It‘s not in this material world! 🙌🏻  Stay safe and full of love people! •#nature #inspiration #freedom #befree #autumn #circleoflife #natureisbeautiful #love

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