Ancientskin in the forest - Nordic Tattoo, Handpoked Tattoo, Vikingtattoo

Ancientskin in the forest - Nordic Tattoo, Handpoked Tattoo, Vikingtattoo The past weeks were really hard for most of us. As I wrote in posts before I felt a deep shift, a big change. This will be good for us. Changes can offer new ways, it‘s an opportunity to let go, to let go is a process of death, it‘s a transformation. Of course death is not easy and nobody wants to talk about, but it‘s necessary to come to something new. And after you accept this sometimes really hard process of death and let go and let happen what needs to happen. you can grow the new seeds. Sometimes a simple new haircut can help to let go 😀  you know, for me it was a big step since I had this long hair for over 15 years, it was a big part of my identity and my comfort. I choosed this powerful solstice a few weeks ago to cut it - to let go and to enter the new cycle. Nothing is forever and it‘s important to live the moment and go with the flow. Don‘t hold old patterns or build habits. Die to the past every moment and you will see there are so much more possibilities - Nature is beautiful! 🍂

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